Connection Quality Metrics Missing From Workstations/VDIs Running Windows 8 or 10

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On Remote Desktop Virtualization Host Deployments, where the virtualized workstation is running Windows 8 or Windows 10, Remote Desktop Commander is unable to obtain connection quality metrics about these workstations; even though Version 8 or later of the RDP protocol is in use. Specifically, users cannot see the Connection Quality metrics either in the Remote Desktop Session Navigator area of the Remote Desktop Commander Client, and/or cannot see this data in the Connection Quality Reports available in the client that are based on previously collected data.


On Windows 10 and Windows 8 workstations, in order to read performance counters remotely, you must have the “Remote Registry Service” enabled and running. By default, it is DISABLED in Windows 10 and other workstation operating systems.

If you enable this service you should start seeing data in the reports and in the dashboards for your VDI/RDVH systems.