Installed Memory Column Shows Zero In the “Current Performance and Load Across the Farm Dashboard”

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Issue: When viewing the Current Performance and Load Across the Farm Dashboard in the Remote Desktop Commander Client, the Installed Memory and Memory Load columns display zeroes. For example:

Cause and Resolution: This issue develops when you have not opened all required Windows Firewall exceptions on the servers or hosts you are monitoring with our software, causing data ingestion to become delayed and the dashboard to go out of sync. To resolve the problem:

1.) Make sure that all servers/hosts you are monitoring have the following three Windows Firewall Exceptions enabled in their Domain (Internal) profile. You can do this manually or with a GPO.

Remote Event Log Management
Remote Service Management

2.) After making sure the above Windows Firewall Exceptions are all open on all servers/hosts, stop then restart the RDPSoft Remote Desktop Reporter Service. Wait approximately 10 minutes, reopen the dashboard, and the columns should all display correct data.