Admin Versus Helpdesk Usage Of Remote Desktop Commander

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What is the difference between the Lite version and full Suite?

We offer the Remote Desktop Commander Lite tool for free, which provides active session management features for help desk technicians, administrators, etc.

Licensing the full Remote Desktop Commander Suite, allows one to obtain historic reporting, dashboard visualizations, active performance monitoring, session screenshots, etc, among many other features.  The full Suite permits two modes of operation – for admins (who need all of the features), and help desk technicians (who may just need to do active session management in free mode).

How do I set up both these software modes?

For help desk technicians, simply place the software in Lite Mode under Application Preferences and Licensing. The software will not attempt to contact the SQL server for licensing checks.

For admins, put the software into Fully Integrated Mode and set the correct DB server and database name (RDPReporter) in this area.  Finally, grant the admins access to the RDPReporter database in the Remote Desktop Commander Configuration Tool under the Client and Agent Settings tab.