Reducing Database Growth Rates Caused By Collected Agent Data

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What options are there for reducing database growth rates?

1. Do not collect performance data with our agent altogether (by simply disabling the agent services on the session hosts).  This will only send data that allows you to see detailed CPU/Memory consumption by user.  You can utilize the dashboards to see performance by user, throughout each of their sessions, in a granular fashion.

The other reports (e.g. the Productivity Report, etc.) are populated by “session” data that is not dependent on the Agent Service for collection.  The Agent Data is what uses lots of space in the database, not the other reporting data.

2. Increase the time between Agent data samples, which will cut database growth by 50%.  You can do this by changing the CaptureInterval value under HKLM\Software\RDRAgent in the registry on each session host from 30000 to 60000.  Make sure you stop and restart the Agent services on each session host after doing this.

3. Reduce the database retention.  Under the Remote Desktop Commander Configuration Tool, go to the Database tab, and change the Agent retention from 7 days down to 2 days or even 1.  You can leave the other session data at 60 days retention.