Windows Firewall Exceptions Required By Remote Desktop Commander

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By default, our organization leaves the Windows Firewall turned on. What exceptions do we need to add in order for Remote Desktop Commander to poll and collect data from both our Session Host Servers and Remote Desktop Gateway Servers?

In order for our software to collect data properly from both session hosts and other RDS role servers, the following Windows Firewall exceptions should be opened up on each RDS server monitored by Remote Desktop Commander:

  • Remote Service Management
  • Remote Event Log Management
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

In addition, the Remote Registry service on each server should be enabled and running, to facilitate collection of specific Performance Counter data sets.

NOTE: You should never attempt to poll RDS data across software/hardware firewalls that block nearly all ports. If you are an MSP with multiple isolated tenants, or if you are an organization with multiple data centers isolated by firewalls, please contact our support department for guidance on how to deploy our Remote Desktop Commander Core edition. Remote Desktop Commander Core is specially designed to support rapid deployments across multiple, isolated tenants leveraging secure database communications.