Remote Desktop Commander Reports Are Suddenly Blank

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If your scheduled Remote Desktop Commander reports suddenly start showing no data, please double check each of the possible culprits to resolve your issue.

1.) The Remote Desktop Reporter Service account password may have expired or may have been changed. If so, please reassign a new password to the Remote Desktop Reporter Service in the Remote Desktop Commander Configuration Tool, and restart the Remote Desktop Reporter Service. Then, verify that you see recent poll times in the Add/Manage Servers area of the Remote Desktop Commander Configuration Tool.

2.) The SQL Server database that Remote Desktop Commander uses to store data may be full. If you are using SQL Server Express, this edition is hard limited to 10 GBs of storage. Go into the Remote Desktop Commander Configuration Tool, Application Settings, Database Tab. Lower the retention days for both the Session and Agent data. Then click the “Save” button to stop and restart the service. During the service’s database maintenance window at midnight, it will remove old data, freeing up space for new incoming data. Then, your reports should start showing data again within 24-36 hours.

If you are not using SQL Server Express, but do not allow the RDPReporter (Remote Desktop Commander) database to auto-grow, consider both increasing its size on disk with the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and potentially reducing its retention days, as mentioned above.