Why Remote Desktop Monitoring?

Why do you need remote desktop monitoring software? With the proliferation of teleworking, flex time, and virtual offices, more and more companies have implemented technologies and products to facilitate the modern “work anywhere” paradigm.

Until now, however, it has been difficult to track and review metrics about how common telecommuting technologies are being used.

Why remote desktop monitoring?That’s where our remote desktop manager solution can help. Would your organization like to be able to:

  • Track user productivity?
  • Evaluate Terminal Server performance?
  • Determine the types of applications users are running?
  • Determine when users are connecting to company systems?
  • Conduct basic time tracking?
  • Explore bandwidth utilization used by each remote session?
  • Do even more Terminal Services reporting?

Flagship Terminal Services and Remote Desktop Software

If you answered yes to any of the above, help yourself to a free 30-day trial of our Remote Desktop Commander Suite. Or, learn more about our remote desktop monitoring software before you get started.

Remote Desktop Reporter, part of the Remote Desktop Commander Suite, is an easy-to-use remote desktop management utility that gives your organization visibility into the Terminal Server sessions running on your servers and workstations.

Tracking Service Provider Licensing?

In addition to reporting and remote desktop monitoring, we offer SPL Tracker for organizations that need to track service provider licensing programs. Like Remote Desktop Reporter, SPL Tracker is part of the Remote Desktop Commander Suite.

Not Sure What Fits Your Situation?

Reach out and share your needs with us – we’re happy to help.