RDP Bandwidth Monitor

Since it is graphically intensive by nature, the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) can utilize a great deal of bandwidth. Too many simultaneous Remote Desktop Sessions, especially across an organization’s firewall, can quickly consume a majority of available bandwidth, negatively impacting other traffic, such as VOIP calls and scheduled backup operations.

Monitor RDP Traffic simply and easily. This screenshot shows the legacy Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit in action.

The RDP Bandwidth Monitor allows network administrators to quickly view the network traffic generated by any individual Remote Desktop Session on multiple servers, as well as the aggregate traffic generated by all RDP activity on a particular server or workstation. Other measured metrics include:

1.) Incoming RDP Traffic in Bytes
2.) Outgoing RDP Traffic in Bytes
3.) Total RDP Traffic in Bytes
4.) RDP Bandwidth
5.) RDP Traffic Compression Ratios

This capability also allows all of the above metrics to be exported to a comma-delimited RDP log for later analysis.

Want To Know More?

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Need Help With The RDP Bandwidth Monitor?

We provide technical documentation for help with the RDP Bandwidth Monitor portion of our legacy Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit.