Help for the Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations Tool

Remote Desktop Reporting Tool
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Terminal server monitoring is an easy way to track all sessions running on your organization’s servers and workstations, including all remote work.

User and System Requirements

  • The Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations tool requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, which (if needed) is installed as a prerequisite by the Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit installer.
  • You should hold Administrator rights on all machines you are targeting with the remote desktop management tool.
  • If the remote machines are protected by the Windows Firewall, make sure you’ve allowed an exception for Remote Administration
  • If the Remote Registry Service is disabled by default on your networked computers, also make sure you’ve allowed a firewall exception for Remote Service Management to facilitate remote desktop monitoring.

How to Use the Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations Tool



To add computers, either type each computer name into the appropriate text field and click the button, or click the button to load the computer names from an RDAT file.


TIP 1: An RDAT file is a basic text file where each computer name is on a separate line, followed by a standard CRLF sequence. RDAT files are used to store Remote Desktop computer names for use in just about all Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit utilities. If you need to use this tool with a bunch of different computers, feel free to create an RDAT file yourself from any terminal services logging or management software you already have in place that can export a list of domain or workgroup computers.


If you would like to save the current list of computers to an RDAT file, click the button. To remove one or more computers from the list, select them in the list, and then click the button.


Once you have added all of your computers to the list, click the “Fix” button below. The Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations tool will visit each computer in sequence, and attempt to make registry adjustments so that new Remote Desktop Management connections can be established, with either other RDPSoft tools or the Microsoft Terminal Services Manager. Once this is finished, the tool will update the status of each computer in the list – whether or not the operation was successful on that computer, or if it failed for any reason.

If you have any questions about how to track RDP bandwidth usage, please give us a call, so we can arrange a demo of our Remote Desktop Reporter software.