Enable Remote Desktop Management On Workstations

Turn on Remote Desktop Management capabilities so you can manage user sessions, processes, and send messages with our tools or the Microsoft Terminal Services Manager. This screenshot shows the legacy Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit in action.

You’ve seen this one before: You’ve just launched Microsoft’s Terminal Services Manager, and tried to add a workstation so you can manage its user sessions, processes, etc. After attempting to add the computer to the terminal server manager, you promptly are greeted with a message box that reads “The specified computer cannot be reached.  Make sure that the computer is accessible and verify computer name.” However, you know that the machine is online and no firewall settings are getting in the way.

Unfortunately, the ability to remotely manage a workstation’s terminal server user sessions and processes is disabled by default in Windows. Our Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations capability quickly reconfigures some registry settings on your workstations so that you can manage them appropriately alongside your servers and also include them for remote desktop reporting.

And, afterwards, you will be able to send immediate popup messages to targeted lists of users, wherever they may be logged in at the moment.

Want To Know More?

This capability will be included in an upcoming release. Sign up for updates on this page for the latest information.

Need Help For The Enable Remote Desktop Management On Workstations Tool?

We provide technical documentation for help on how to enable Remote Desktop management on workstations using our legacy Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit.