Remote Desktop Reports Available in Remote Desktop Reporter

Here’s a sampling of the current categories you can track with our utility.  More reports are being added to our product all the time. Priority for suggested reports is given to our customers.

  • User Session Activity (Who is logging on where, when they start a session, when they end a session, how long they are logged on, their ratio of active to idle time in their sessions, etc).
  • Program Tracking (What programs each user is running, how frequently they run the programs, which users access particular programs in a time period, etc).
  • Hourly User Activity (See a breakdown, hour by hour, of when your Remote Desktop users are active, idle, or disconnected.)
  • User Productivity (Quickly build a robust estimate of each user’s productivity taking into account all Remote Desktop sessions they have established over time).
  • Attendance By Day (Prepare executive summary reports to see which users are reporting for telework each day, and how much time they spend active in their sessions).
  • Client Workstations and Addresses (Track the client workstation names and IP addresses your users are connecting from).
  • Display Metrics (Determine the most frequently used screen resolutions and color depth your users utilize).
  • Bandwidth Metrics (Find out, by server and by user, which users are consuming the most bandwidth in their RDP sessions).
  • Load Factors (For each server, evaluate the biggest performance constraint for a given time period – such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, etc).
  • Peak Concurrent Sessions (Find out the peak number of connections simultaneously in use by specific users or customer accounts for a given monthly, weekly, or daily time period).
  • Unique RDS/Citrix Users (Examine the names and total counts of distinct users connected to individual servers or across the entire farm for licensing assessments).
  • RDS/Citrix Subsystem Uptime (Track uptime/availability of RDS / Citrix XenApp subsystems on servers in your Terminal Server farm).
  • Other Performance Metrics (Track things like – Average Number of Sessions Per Day, Average Number of Sessions Per Hour, Average Number of Disconnected Sessions, Average Capacity for Additional Sessions, etc).

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