Remote Desktop Commander Lite


For some server-based computing administrators, the ability to access historical session data for reporting and troubleshooting is not a high priority.  Instead, they must focus on the day to day tasks of user session administration, such as:

  • Messaging/alerting users
  • Observing which users are idle, and if so, for how long
  • Observing which users are disconnected, and if so, for how long
  • Observing memory use by application and by user
  • Terminating hung applications or programs that have begun to use excessive resources
  • Shadowing user sessions for troubleshooting/help desk purposes
  • Determining if a user is utilizing too many server resources (e.g. memory or RDP bandwidth)
  • Forcibly logging off or disconnecting users
  • Placing Remote Desktop Session Hosts in drain mode
  • Adjusting RDP permissions to delegate management tasks (e.g. shadowing, logging off sessions, etc) to non-admin users

Many admins used to rely on tools like TSAdmin (Remote Desktop Services Manager) to do basic session management tasks in the past. However, TSAdmin does not scale well when managing larger server farms. Moreover, TSAdmin has effectively disappeared from newer operating systems like Windows Server 2012 and 2016, leaving admins dependent on Powershell scripts and other command line tools like quser, qwinsta, tskill, tsdiscon, and rwinsta. Furthermore, in Windows Server 2012 and Server 2016, some of these management tasks can only be performed in Server Manager IF a connection broker role is installed alongside your session hosts. RDS management on these newest operating systems can be a huge pain.

Remote Desktop Commander Lite is an elegant solution to all of the problems listed above. Scalable, powerful, with capabilities well in excess of the traditional Remote Desktop Services Manager feature set, it is perfect for day to day management tasks on your RDS, Citrix, and VMWare Horizon View servers. Best of all, it is now completely free to install and use for all RDS and Citrix admins! Just proceed to the download link below.

Download Our Free Remote Desktop Commander Lite RDS/Citrix Farm Management Tool Today >

Book training, get assistance with delegating management permissions to non-admin help desk techs, or have us extend Remote Desktop Commander’s functionality with custom PowerShell scripts.

Want to see it in action? Check out these screenshots below, and also watch our video demo on Youtube!