Remote Desktop Commander Editions Feature Comparison

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Remote Desktop Services Management Features

Send Messages and Alerts To Users

Observe Current Idle, Active & Disconnected Times Of User Sessions 

Observe Current Memory Use By Programs and By User Session

Observe Current Total RDP Bandwidth Consumption

Observe Current RDP Latency and Connection Quality

Terminate Hung Processes on Terminal Servers

Logoff and Disconnect Remote Desktop User Sessions

Toggle RDS Session Hosts In/Out of Drain Mode

Extend Functionality With Your Own PowerShell Scripts and Command Line Tools

Remote Desktop Shadowing / Live Monitoring Features

Shadow User Sessions on Server 2012/2016/2019 and Windows 8/Windows 10

Legacy Shadow User Sessions On Windows Server 2008 Session Hosts

Shadow Multiple Monitor (Multimon) Sessions / Disable Autosizing

Live Monitor Multiple User Sessions All At Once In A Single Window

Rapidly Reconnect To Shadowed RDS Sessions

Delegation Of Administration Features

Rapidly Delegate RDS Management Tasks to Help Desk & Support Staff Without Making Them Admins On Session Hosts

Grant Access to Query RDS Collection Information on Connection Brokers Without Granting Admin Access On Brokers

Grant Access to Query RDS Performance Counters Without Granting Admin Access On Session Hosts

Quickly Unify Shadowing Policies on All Session Hosts


View Current CPU and Memory Impact By Server and By User

View Current CPU and Memory Impact By Server and By User

View Historical CPU and Memory Impact By Server and By User

View Average and Peak Memory Usage By Application 

View and Geolocate RDP Logins and RDP Login Failures on Interactive Map 

Session Recording

View Programs Run By Users And Review Performance Impact

Review All TCP/UDP Connections Made In a User Session

Review / Search For Window Captions Logged In User Sessions

Review Periodic Screenshot Recordings Of User Activity

Reporting (On-Demand and Scheduled)

User Activity / Time Tracking Reports

Network Latency / Connection Quality / RDP Bandwidth Reports

Programs In Use / Program Run Times / Programs By User Reports

Licensing Reports (including SPLA RDS SAL Tracker)

Geolocated RDP Login/Login Failure Reports (Session Hosts and RD Gateway Server)

Performance Tracking Reports

Client/Device Metrics (OS Level, Screen Resolution)



per admin/helpdesk user per month


per admin/helpdesk user per year


per server monitored per month


per server monitored per year

With Premium Mgmt Features Bundle


per server monitored per year
per admin/helpdesk user 
per year

Discount Only For Annual Subscriptions