RDS Performance Audit

Assess the performance of your Remote Desktop Services deployment and make improvements with RDPSoft’s RDS Performance Audit service


Remote Desktop Services Performance Audit
Let RDPSoft assess the performance of your RDS farm and build a clear, concise report outlining strengths and weaknesses of your deployment.


Administrator time is at a premium these days. You may already know there is a performance issue in your RDS environment based on user feedback, but you don’t have the time to figure it out on your own. Or, you may be an MSP setting up a new RDS collection for a client, and you need to benchmark their performance as they begin to increase load on the resources you’ve allocated to them.

Let RDPSoft do that for you. We install our Remote Desktop Commander Suite software in your environment, and then instruct it to gather up key performance metrics, including data from RDS-related event logs and installed Hotfixes. After gathering data for a week, we then build a comprehensive report that benchmarks performance in your farm and offers suggestions on how to improve it. You don’t even need to have your own instance of Microsoft SQL available for data collection – we can provide you with a complimentary, secure connection to an Azure SQL database as part of our service.

As part of your Remote Desktop Services Performance Audit, an RDPSoft technician will:

1.) Install the Remote Desktop Commander Suite
2.) Gather and review event log files from your session hosts and RDS infrastructure role servers
3.) Review Group Policy settings related to RDS in your organization
4.) Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the following data points:

  • Average and total RDP bandwidth consumed daily by users
  • Top 10 bandwidth consuming users
  • Average latency of all users**
  • Top 10 users with the highest average latency to the server**
  • RDP protocol error rates, by category**
  • Top 10 users with the greatest number of server disconnects
  • RDP client levels in use, and a listing of users running antiquated (pre RDP 8 protocol) clients
  • Peak load times in the farm by CPU, Memory, and session counts
  • Session load distributions across session host servers
  • Top 10 highest CPU consuming users
  • Top 10 highest CPU consuming programs
  • Top 10 highest memory consuming users
  • Top 10 highest memory consuming programs
  • Poorly performing applications (e.g. high memory use and/or handle leaks)
  • Review of RDS related errors in event logs. Where applicable, links to hotfixes to resolve said errors will be referenced.
  • Review of RDS related group policy settings.

**These metrics require an RDS environment running Server 2012 or later

As a bonus, we include an extra free 60 days of monitoring and data collection with our Remote Desktop Commander Suite utility after our initial audit. This then allows you to schedule your own reports and routinely review dashboards to monitor performance. Later, if you wish to continue to use the Remote Desktop Commander Suite to manage and monitor your Remote Desktop Services environment, we’ll offer you a special discounted subscription rate to do so.

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