Custom Report Design Services

Let RDPSoft design the specialized custom reports you need to take Remote Desktop Commander to the next level!

Custom Report Design Services
RDPSoft can build custom reports to extend the capabilities of Remote Desktop Commander.

While our Remote Desktop Commander Suite comes with many prebuilt reports that give you all sorts of visibility into your Remote Desktop Services implementation, you may want this data presented in a different way. Or, you may want to pass specialized parameters to the report every time you run it for filtering purposes.

We are now pleased to offer custom report design services for our Remote Desktop Commander Suite clients. Here’s how the process works:

  • You submit a request below outlining the type of data you want in one or more custom reports, and how you want it presented.
  • We verify that this data is queryable from the Remote Desktop Commander Suite database.
  • We send you a quote outlining the cost to build your custom report(s). It’s more affordable than you think!
  • Upon acceptance of terms, we design your custom report using the free Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder tool. Then, we send you the RDL file and configure it to use your Remote Desktop Commander SQL database.
  • You can then run your custom reports manually using the SQL Report Builder application, and/or publish the RDL file to the SSRS on your SQL Server for scheduled report generation.

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