RDPSoft: Providing Remote Desktop Management Software Products

Whether you use Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMWare Horizon View, or simply Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to satisfy your organization’s Server Based Computing needs, we offer remote desktop management software for organizations of all types and budgets.

Deployment of our tools is a snap, regardless of the environment: on-premise network or MSP serving up dedicated and shared desktops to your client base.


Remote Desktop Commander Suite

Remote Desktop Commander Suite is a Terminal Server and Citrix session management softwareThe Remote Desktop Commander Suite provides active, real-time and historical capabilities for session management.

Historically, small and medium sized businesses have had few affordable options if they wish to monitor performance and user activity on their remote desktop servers.  Vendors like Citrix and VMWare offer comprehensive remote desktop management software and terminal server monitoring solutions only at their top licensing tiers, placing them out of reach except for the largest organizations.  Other third-party vendor solutions are often priced by concurrent user, making them expensive to implement and maintain.

The Remote Desktop Commander Suite is a powerful package for SBC environments. At its heart are two key components:

Remote Desktop Reporter

Remote Desktop Reporter, part of the Remote Desktop Commander Suite, is a comprehensive reporting and monitoring solution that collects and consolidates key metrics from all of the remote desktop servers in your environment, providing you with easy to run and schedule reports showing user activity, time tracking, licensing trends, application usage, and performance.

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SPL Tracker
(Service Provider Licensing Tracker)

SPL Tracker – part of the Remote Desktop Commander Suite – saves time, money, and headaches for organizations who need to keep an eye on service provider licensing programs.

Here’s how:

Microsoft SPLA Licensing, Citrix Service Provider Licensing, and the VMWare Service Provider Program offer big savings to Managed Service Providers, but at a price. Monthly reporting requirements are onerous, and MSPs that attempt to tackle this chore by hand find that it is time-consuming and error prone.

Wouldn’t you rather leverage a tool that can automate this task for you? And, while doing so, track and eliminate license wastage so you can reduce your monthly costs?  If so, Service Provider Licensing Tracker is designed especially for you.  Reach out and request a quote to learn more about how it can actually pay for itself in very little time.

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Remote Desktop Commander Lite

Remote-Desktop-Commander-Lite-WebIf the Remote Desktop Commander Suite sounds too robust for your needs or you are still a fan of RDPSoft’s legacy Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit, then Remote Desktop Commander Lite is perfect for your needs.

Remote Desktop Commander Lite assists you with tasks that are active and real-time in nature, such as observing memory use by application or user, logging off and disconnecting users, terminating hung processes, and running parameterized PowerShell queries against session hosts, users, or processes.

Best of all, Remote Desktop Commander Lite is now completely free – it’s our gift to entire RDS/Citrix community, and we hope it makes their lives easier.

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Other Services

In addition to producing Remote Desktop Commander Suite and Remote Desktop Commander Lite, we also provide additional services for our clients.

You can request an RDS Performance Audit of your RDS infrastructure to review and identify any performance bottlenecks in the areas of CPU/memory consumption, network connection quality, and much more.

You can also contract with us to produce custom reports against Remote Desktop Commander’s database.