Dialog Saying “Are You Sure You Want To Exit” Appears When Opening Remote Desktop Commander Lite

Why am I getting a dialog asking “Are you sure you want to exit?” when I attempt to open Remote Desktop Commander Lite?

In some cases the Preferences file can be corrupted in Remote Desktop Commander Lite, preventing proper software operation. The chief symptom of this problem is a dialog, saying “Are You Sure You Want To Exit”, appearing the when the application is loaded.

The solution is to delete the old Preferences file and rebuild from the default. Pull up %appdata% in Windows Explorer and under RDPSoft, Remote Desktop Commander, and the Version Number, delete RDRClient.dat and then the program should load normally in Lite Mode. You will need to set up your Computer Groupings and or Connection Brokers again however.

NOTE: This bug was fixed in Version 3.9, so the customer should upgrade their version of the Remote Desktop Commander Lite to Version 3.9 or greater. They can do so by downloading the latest build here.