Download Remote Desktop Commander Suite

Interested in Remote Desktop Reporter or the SPL Tracker? Our Remote Desktop Commander Suite includes both.

NOTE: The Remote Desktop Commander Suite requires a valid perpetual or subscription license to function after installation. Once you start a subscription with us (see the link below), you will be immediately be emailed a license file and download instructions to obtain and use the Suite.

To instantly obtain a subscription license (only $9.99 per RDS/XenApp server per month) click here >

For a perpetual license click here >

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Why don’t you offer a free 30-day trial for the Remote Desktop Commander Suite?

We used to, but we found that many evaluators would simply use our software for 30 days to do an assessment of their RDS/Citrix server farm, and then move on. This is why many other vendors in this industry also do not offer evaluation licenses, but will offer reduced cost assessment licenses. We’re taking this one step further, and making licenses for assessments even more affordable – via monthly subscriptions at only $9.99 per server per month. You can cancel at any time, and your contribution for the purposes of doing an assessment helps us continue to build extremely powerful software. And certainly, $9.99 per server is much less expensive than your time spent trying to script something together.

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