Server 2012 TSAdmin Replacement – Now Free!

TSAdmin on Server 2012Over many months, RDPSoft has had the privilege of talking to server based computing admins worldwide, discovering the key pain points they must overcome when taking care of their day-to-day management tasks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, TSAdmin featured prominently in these discussions. But, more on that in a moment.

The result? Remote Desktop Commander. This next step in the evolution of our Remote Desktop Management Software solution set was developed in direct response to the specific pain points we’ve been hearing from admins.

No More TSAdmin in Windows Server 2012

Without a doubt, one of the biggest issues SBC admins have been dealing with lately is the lack of a simple and powerful session management tool to handle all of the various terminal server user session and process management tasks across the terminal servers in their farms. This issue has been exacerbated by the release of Windows Server 2012, as the former TSAdmin (Remote Desktop Services Manager) utility was orphaned by Microsoft. Terminal Server session management tasks were, in the opinion of many, very poorly integrated into the Windows Server 2012 Server Manager tool.

Remote Desktop Commander replaces TSAdmin on Server 2012
Managing Server 2012 User Sessions with Remote Desktop Commander

With many admins not yet comfortable using PowerShell scripting to do Remote Desktop Services management tasks, the situation has become untenable.

As a result, some admins turned to our free Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit, which was a collection of basic tools that could do limited user session and process management tasks. However, none of these tools were integrated with each other, and their feature set was rather limited.

The TSAdmin Replacement for Server 2012: Remote Desktop Commander

As a result, we’ve been hard at work building an integrated, easy-to-use, and powerful terminal server management utility: Remote Desktop Commander.

Viewing Process Memory Consumption By User on Server 2012
Viewing Process Memory Consumption by User on Server 2012

The Remote Desktop Services Manager features for Server 2012 that ship with RDPSoft’s Remote Desktop Commander are too numerous to list. Therefore, rather than us “bullet point” you to death, take a look at our video introduction to Remote Desktop Commander on YouTube demonstrating the intuitiveness and power of this utility.

One of the most interesting things you will see in this video is how Remote Desktop Commander can intelligently group related fields, in order to show you things like total memory consumed by user, by server, or RDP bandwidth, for instance.

Which Edition of Remote Desktop Commander Do You Need?

Because we know that all of our customers may not need a comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution for their RDS/Citrix farms at this time, we now offer two different classes of license:

Viewing Server 2012 session process memory consumption, grouped by heaviest memory consumers.
Viewing Server 2012 session process memory consumption, grouped by heaviest memory consumers.

Remote Desktop Commander Litewhich is completely free for all RDS and Citrix farm admins – provides you with the ‘TSAdmin like’ session management features you need for day-to-day administration of your Remote Desktop Services and Citrix server farms.

Remote Desktop Commander Suite – which only costs $9 per monitored RDS/Citrix server per month – gives you all the TSAdmin replacement management capabilities outlined above, but also includes:

  • Our Remote Desktop Reporter utility for historical session user activity, RDS/ Citrix performance monitoring and reporting, license reporting, connection quality/RDP latency reporting, and session recording
  • SPL Tracker, which helps MSPs and others automate the chore of Microsoft SPLA and Citrix CSP license reporting

Free Remote Desktop Commander Software

What makes the most sense for you? Remote Desktop Commander Lite or Remote Desktop Commander Suite? Download and use Remote Desktop Commander Lite for free as our gift to you, or start a $9 per server per month subscription of Remote Desktop Commander Suite today.