About Our Remote Desktop Reporter Agent and Analysis Client

The centerpiece of Remote Desktop Reporter 2.7 is the addition of the brand new Remote Desktop Reporter Agent, coupled with the new Analysis Client. Past versions of the software have been agentless, and that capability is preserved in the new release for those who do not need the new expanded feature set.

What the Addition of the Remote Desktop Reporter Agent Means

In the past, with its agentless architecture, Remote Desktop Reporter collected and warehoused user session information from Remote Desktop servers, VMWare Horizon View servers, and Citrix XenApp servers.

But, the Remote Desktop Reporter Agent enables the gathering of an enhanced set of metrics as well as collecting the same types of metrics from physical desktops and any desired virtual desktops.

For Example, Remote Desktop Reporter Can Now . . .

The new capabilities made possible by both the Remote Desktop Reporter Agent coupled with the Analysis Client are expansive.

CPU and Memory

Remote Desktop Reporter can now show administrators how much of the CPU and memory individual sessions are consuming. This can be shown both in aggregate and by the minute.

Memory and CPU By Session Dashboard
Memory and CPU By Session Dashboard as shown in Remote Desktop Reporter.


Recorded Session Memory and CPU Slices
Recorded Session Memory and CPU Slices

Screen Captures

Periodic screen captures can be recorded for later review, so that administrators can see what programs in sessions are connecting to what sites and over what ports they are connecting.

Recorded Session Screenshots
Recorded Session Screenshots

TCP/UDP Connections By Session and By Process

The Remote Desktop Reporter Agent can be configured to capture all open TCP/UDP connections made by applications running in user sessions. Administrators can then search for sessions with activity over a specific port number, and find out exactly what application was the culprit.

Session Search By Port Activity
Session Search By Port Activity

Tested, Reliable Database Storage

All of this data is indexed in a database so administrators can search for sessions that match chosen criteria – application name, port usage, or application window title, for example. And just like previous versions, you can leverage the free, built-in Microsoft SQL Server Express DB instance for smaller deployments or scale up to limitless data retention with the full version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Time Tracking Data

Management can get valuable time tracking information based on computing resources that are being used – whether on-premises or cloud.

Root Cause Performance Analysis

Administrators can quickly prepare a root cause analysis on problems that crop up on multiple SBC platforms – enabling them to drill down to a specific program in a user session.

Remote Desktop Reporter Capabilities Expand While Pricing Stays Within Reach

RDPSoft remains committed to putting quality tools in the hands of the SMB community. All the while, pricing remains well within reach. And, free trial software is always available.

Have you worked with the new release of Remote Desktop Reporter yet? Do you have questions about what Remote Desktop Reporter can do for you? Share your thoughts with us . . . 

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