Free Remote Desktop Administrator’s Toolkit Just Released!

RDPSoft is proud to announce the release of Version 1.0 of its completely free Remote Desktop Admin Toolkit!  More blog postings will follow soon regarding the individual tools in the toolkit.  Version 1.0 of the toolkit includes the following tools (click on each one’s name for a help tutorial on how to use it)

1.) Enable Remote Desktop Remotely

Quickly turn on Remote Desktop on your workstations and servers for the purposes of administration without having to ever leave your desk.

2.) Enable Remote Desktop Management on Workstations

Turn on Remote Desktop Management on your workstations so you can manage user sessions, processes, and more with Microsoft’s Terminal Services Manager or any RDPSoft’s tools.  Avoid that annoying “The specified computer cannot be reached.  Make sure that the computer is accessible and verify computer name.” error going forward.

3.) Remote Desktop User Session Manager

Quickly discover all the servers and workstations where a particular user has remote desktop sessions open.  From there, send popup messages to, disconnect, or logoff all of the sessions with a single click.  It’s also great for remotely locking the console session on an unlocked computer.

4.) Remote Desktop Process Manager

Have a hung or problematic app?  Quickly locate and terminate all instances of one or more applications on your servers and workstations with a single click.

We plan on updating our toolkit soon with even more Remote Desktop Management Tools, including a RDP Bandwidth Monitor tool, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, keep managing your remote desktops, and don’t forget to take a test drive of our comprehensive Remote Desktop Reporter solution.

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